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Are you looking for cheap auto insurance in your state? It's understandable, as car insurance has notoriously been known to be quite expensive. Seeing as how, at least in most states, it's required by law, you'll need to make that you're getting the most amount of auto insurance coverage without spending too much for it. Luckily, we’re a service that can help you out in that respect. Using our Cheap Auto Insurance Finder, you’ll be able to find the best policy for your money.

Auto insurance prices vary greatly depending on your age, the auto you drive and your driving record, but there are a number of ways to find cheap auto insurance no matter what your situation is.

Dozens of auto insurance companies promise low rates and special deals and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. It’s easy to take steps to make your premium lower no matter which company you chose. A number of tactics like getting longer policies with more vehicles and paying online will make sure you get the cheapest auto insurance.

Here are 10 ways to ensure you’ll have the best deal:
1. Pay your bill online: (EFT) You can save up to $5 a month by signing up to pay your bills online. It saves time and money. You can even link your account up to a credit card or bank account and have the payments made automatically. Compare auto insurance quotes online to maximize your savings and get the cheapest auto insurance!

2. Get a year-long policy: Instead of a six-month policy, opt for the full year and save money with a lower rate. Even better, you can lock your rate in for a longer time.

3. Multiple Car Discount: Some customers have been surprised to find that by taking a car off their insurance plan, their rate stayed the same or even went up. It can be even cheaper to insure two cars than one. Look into insuring multiple cars for you or your family with the same company to make the rate lower. It will help you to get the cheapest auto insurance. You will be able to select this option in our auto insurance finder.

4. Get a Group Discount: If your family doesn’t have a lot of cars to insure, you can get a group discount other ways. It can be anything from credit unions, college sororities, or just having a certain credit card. Check with the call center of the car insurance company you choose to see what kinds of group rates they offer. You may be surprised what affiliations you have that could score you a better deal on cheap car insurance.

5. Anti-theft Devices: Having a car alarm or electronic lock on your car can help lower your rate. Having window sketching done on your car (Etching the VIN number in all glass) also helps to get cheap auto insurance.

6. Defensive Driving Course: Most people don’t consider taking defensive driving courses unless they have a speeding ticket they want off their record. They should be looking at them for other reasons. If you can successfully pass a defensive driving course, you can lower your premium. Check with your insurance company when getting a quote to see if you qualify and where you can take the course. Some you can even do online.

7. Good Grades Discount: Car Insurance companies like to reward good behavior. They believe good students will be more cautious drivers and a number of companies offer cheaper premiums to those students. If you are a student or a parent of a student, check to see if your insurance company offers a good student discount. You should be able to get this discount in our cheap car insurance quote finder.

8. Check your mileage: Sometimes there can be a big difference between the cut-off on how many miles you drive to work. One of the ways they determine your rate is by asking, “how many miles you drive to work each way?” Know what the different groupings are and make sure you’re in the right group, especially if you’re on the borderline between two.

9. Combine auto and home or rental policies: Much like having multiple cars on the same account, having your car and home from the same company can save you 5-20%. Look into the company you have insurance with to see if they also have car insurance.

10. Watch Your Credit Rating: Like most things, your credit affects the rate you’re going to be offered, so make sure to keep your score in check. Pay your bills on time, don’t have outstanding debt and make sure your credit cards are paid off. If you don’t have good credit history, don’t go for insurance that checks credit.

Once you’ve taken care of these 10 steps, you’re on your way to finding cheap car insurance. Start with a site like Progressive to compare the big insurance companies. So much of finding a cheap insurance quote is based on your details like age, car and history. Go through these 10 tips and make yourself appealing to any insurance company to get the cheap car insurance your looking for.

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