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Car Insurance Policies for 17 Year Olds

When its time to look for 17 year old car insurance policies there are some simple things you can do to reduce the cost while still securing adequate coverage for your child. This won’t be an easy or cheap solution to their insurance needs but it will get the best coverage for the lowest price. As you shop for 17 year old car insurance policies remember that your young driver is considered to be high risk by insurance companies. Statistics prove their point. Young drivers are new and less responsible behind the wheel.

When you start shopping for 17 year old car insurance policies ask yourself exactly what type of coverage is needed. Most states require liability insurance which covers bodily injury, property damage and uninsured or underinsured motorist. Something you might want to check out is the accident rate in the area where you live before you begin looking for 17 year old car insurance policies. This will make a difference in insurance rates and may influence whether you choose to include collision insurance and what limits you may set for a deductible on your comprehensive coverage.

Another consideration in choosing 17 year old car insurance policies is the year, make, and model of the car your teen will be driving. Safety features of the car and its age will affect insurance costs. If the car is old enough and has very little monetary value, you may opt to omit collision coverage all together especially if the vehicle is paid for.

You teenage driver can do a few things to assist with the costs of 17 year old car insurance policies. For one thing, they can take a driver education course and pass it with a decent grade. They can also keep their grade point at a “B” average to show the insurance company that they are responsible. They can voluntarily choose to drive less. Lower mileage accumulated on the vehicle will reduce the price of 17 year old car insurance policies.


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