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Auto Insurance for Teenagers

Teenagers are usually anxious to get their drivers license, but the auto insurance for teenagers can be a big financial burden to the family finances. Auto insurance for teens is generally higher because of their inexperience behind the wheel. Talking with your teen and explaining the importance of the factors that effect car insurance for teenagers may help them make better choices when they get behind the wheel. The statistics tell us that teens are more likely to be involved in accidents which result in loss of life or serious injury. Thus auto insurance for teenagers demands a higher price in order for insurance companies to be willing to accept the risks.

It is possible to reduce the cost of auto insurance for teens by making a few wise decisions in regards to the teen’s vehicle of choice. We would all like to own a sporty car with lots of horse power. These vehicles will raise the insurance premiums of any individual but when you are purchasing car insurance for teenagers a fast powerful car is a bad idea. The temptation to see what the car can do is just too much unless you have an unusually responsible teen. You may know that about your teenager but the insurance company won’t and they will charge a higher premium for auto insurance for teenagers in this situation. The more power the car has the more you will pay in auto insurance for teens.

The older the car is, the less money you will pay in car insurance for teenagers. There are a couple of reasons for this policy. Older cars are heavier and often made of sterner metals. They will receive less damage in an accident and because their body is made with heavier metal, there will most likely be fewer serious injuries. When it comes time to get auto insurance for teenagers, insurance companies are more favorable toward the heavier cars. In addition to the reduced damages to heavier cars, auto insurance for teens that drive a heavier car is reduced because these cars are not as easy to pull teenage stunts in. They have more stability. Car insurance for teens that drive older cars can also be affected by the fact that these cars are generally paid off. This reduces the need to carry collision especially if the car’s value is less than two thousand dollars. The lower value of the car lowers the price of the comprehension insurance.

Stress with your young driver the importance of good driving habits. Auto insurance for teenagers who have a clean driving record will be more affordable. Careful driving skills, following the speed limits, and obeying road signs and traffic lights are positive behaviors which will reduce the cost of auto insurance for teens.

Another way to keep the cost of car insurance for teenagers down is to have your young driver take a driver education course. In some states, young drivers can’t get their license until a later time with out driver education. Insurance companies may give you a break on auto insurance for teenagers if they have reasonably passed driver education. Likewise, auto insurance for teens that have a high grade point average will also help with the expense of the policy. The grades generally need to be in the “B” average range. Insurance companies believe that students who are responsible enough to maintain a higher grade point average will also be responsible drivers.

When you are looking at obtaining car insurance for teenagers don’t assume putting them on you family policy will be cheaper. Sometimes you can get a better rate if the car insurance for teenagers is separate from the family policy. You may even want to check out the prices of other insurance companies.


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