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Why Is Car Insurance So High For Teenagers?

Insurance is so high for teenagers because, let’s face it, the fact is they are a higher risk for insurances companies. Insurance companies set their rates according to the chance that they are going to have to fork over money to pay for accident damages and injuries. That risk increases greatly for teenagers.

The statistics show that a young driver is three times more likely to be involved in an accident. Insurance is so high for teenagers because all the statistical studies indicate these young inexperienced drivers are more dangerous on the road. It doesn’t matter what parameters you set for the study of teenage driving records, the accident ratio is higher than other sectors of the driving public. Insurance is so high for teenagers for this reason.

Car insurance is so high for teenagers because when you compare sixteen to nineteen year olds to those twenty and older, you will discover that there are actually fewer licensed drivers in the younger age group and that these individuals travel fewer miles than those twenty and above. You would think these lower numbers would be in favor of the teenagers but in fact they have no positive effect. Insurance is so high for teenagers because when they make comparisons which involve the number of licensed drivers in each group or the number of miles driven, accident rates where death is involved goes up for teenagers, especially when the criteria is based on miles driven.

Another reason insurance is so high for teenagers besides the fact that they are young and inexperienced is liability and damage claims. This is another area where the teenage driver posses a higher risk for insurance companies. Because insurance is so high for teenagers, you need to do everything you can to bring the premiums down.


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