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Classic Car Insurance U.K. List

Car enthusiasts all over the world appreciate the beauty of a classic or antique automobile. In order to protect this antique, the owner investor needs to find insurance companies which specialize in classic car insurance. It is better to go through a broker who specializes in insuring the classic car.

Classic car insurance rates will depend upon your driving record, age, condition of the car as well as its age. You may want to have the car inspected and valuated before you seek your classic car insurance quote. This is information you will need to get the proper coverage of your vehicle. Most classic car insurance policies put a mileage limit of five thousand miles per year. Your rates for classic car insurance will be more affordable if the car is only driven to car shows and is not used for daily driving.

Although you can insure your car through a regular policy, most classic car owners go with classic car insurance because it gives more protection for your treasure. Specialized classic car insurance will be less expensive because of the limitations put on the use of the car. Another major plus for classic car insurance is that the market value of your car rises with age. Specialized classic car insurance recognizes this fact and pays the current market value damages in the instance where the car it totaled.

When seeking classic car insurance, seek an agreed value policy for your car. Be sure that this value is guaranteed so there will be no difficulties should you need to make a claim. You also need to make sure that the agreed value of the policy will increase as the value of the car increases.

Below is a list of a few classic car insurance companies in the U.K.

• U.K. Classic Car Insurance: http://www.jk-classic-cars.com/
This classic car insurance company has several links attached that not only give information about the insurance policies but also offers advice on purchasing, selling, and restoring your car. It includes information about what qualifies a car as a classic and gives a break down of U.K. categories for old cars.

• INTA UK Insurance: http://www.sbs-bit3.com/heading_classic_car_insurance.html
This classic car insurance page will give you access to several top name classic car insurance companies.

• UK Insurance Services: http://www.ouisocialiste.net/best_classic_car_insurance.html
This classic car insurance offers insurance for several different cars as well as drivers.

• County Car Insurance Services offers classic car insurance which includes accident forgiveness and European coverage. This company offers several options for mileage per year limitations. They give discounts for vintage cars, car club membership and older experienced drivers. They include an easy pay plan with their policies.

Knowing the details and value of your classic car will be in your favor when you begin looking for classic car insurance. Be sure you know if your classic car is classified as Veteran, Edwardian, Vintage, Classic, or Cherished and double check exactly what you are getting for your agreed value policy. Getting the proper classic car insurance is important for the protection of your vehicle.


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