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3 Secrets Your Car Insurer Won’t Tell You

3 Secrets Your Car Insurer Won’t Tell You

Of course, we all see the benefit of having the best in car insurance, as we all want to be compensated in the event that something bad happens to our automobiles, and there’s a good chance that a person will find something fantastic if they are willing to look. There seems to be quite a few people who are on the hunt, and if they are going to find something that’s worthwhile, they understand that they will have to hunt. While you may be able to find something good, you’ll have to understand that the auto insurer will not tell you everything, as they don’t want to make their company sound bad. While it may not be a deal breaker, it’s very important that they understand all of the facts won’t be easily bestowed upon the policy holder.

Bad Drivers Pay
This one is pretty much common sense, as people who generally are higher-risk will pay a little bit more than those who exercise safety. One thing to consider how much they will actually pay after their first at-fault accident, and trust us, the premium essentially skyrockets after the accident. The industry standard is to raise the premium by 40% on the insurers base rate, regardless of how big of an accident there was. There are those companies that go a little farther and increase the individual rate by 40%, which can be especially frustrating on the wallet.

Insurance Companies Don’t Use Kelley Blue Book
The fact that insurance companies don’t use Kelley Blue Book for estimating the price of cars seems to come as the biggest shock for a lot of people, and it comes at the worst times. When your car is totaled, you’d expect for a company to use the Blue Book to assume the value of the vehicle, but they have their own system in place. It’s not nearly as forgiving as the Blue Book, and some people may find that it usually doesn’t work in their favor.

You Don’t Have to Add Teenagers of Driving Age
As one would expect, car insurance companies are trying to make as much money as possible. They are always trying to get a person to add to their policy, and when it comes to teenagers and their parents, they’re always trying to get their offspring covered. Much to the dismay of the insurance companies, there’s nothing saying that policy holders have to add their sons or daughters to their policy.

Once you’ve found those auto insurance quotes that you’d like, be sure that you’ve armed yourself with all of the information that you’d need, as the insurance representatives will professionally leave out some of the biggest details, and although they definitely are not trying to mislead you, there are trained to always be thinking about the bottom line and the good of the company. While they may be able to get some information out of the insurance rep, there are quite a few resources that are available that will provide some great insider information.


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