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Most Expensive States to Insure Your Car

Most Expensive States to Insure Your Car

Car insurance rates tend to be fluctuate in prices all over the United States. It’s something that people have long been frustrated with, especially those who are known to move to different states somewhat frequently. There’s a lot of data that states the different rates for car insurance, based mostly on what people in the average state brings in for income, averaged with the state’s median payment for auto insurance. With this being the case, it doesn’t mean that a person won’t get some pretty great car insurance policies reasonably, as a person may make more than the median state, especially in the south when the number is skewed, as people generally make less in these areas. There are other factors to consider as well, such as the case in New York state, with a smaller amount of drivers and higher cost of living.

A state considered to be the highest is Louisiana, with an affordability factor of 6.93%. This state has long been known to be notorious for their high premiums, and considering that a lot of people don’t really make that much, it can be especially hard for the person to insure their vehicle. The state of Oklahoma and Missouri rank 2 and 3 with factors of affordability being 4.94% and 4.84%, respectively. These states have something in common, they all are states where the median income is much lower than the rest of the country, although there are a few surprises with some of the other states that are considered to be the most expensive, especially considering how much a lot of people make in these areas. For one thing, New York is the 5th state that’s known to be expensive, following Washington D.C.

For other reasons outside of how much people make, they seem to pay quite a lot more than most of the other people in the union. It’s something that quite a few families have to deal with, and although a lot of these residents pay a pretty good penny for their car insurance, it doesn’t mean that a person will be without finding something adequate for their car insurance. If a person is diligent enough, they will find some pretty great auto insurance quotes, regardless of what state they happen to reside in.

It’s not too hard to do, especially when one considers all of the great resources that will provide leads to all of the premier companies in the industry. It will assuredly take a little time, but if a person thinks about the savings, they’ll happily spend it finding an adequate policy for their vehicles. It’s not uncommon for a person or family to find car insurance rates that can save them hundreds of dollars per year when compared with the competitors. With enough research and will, the best car insurance policy will be found at a rate that fits into the budget, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle or age and sex of the prospective policy holder.


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