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Rental Car Insurance

Many people choose to drive a rental car when they go on vacation and business road trips instead of putting those extra miles on their personal vehicle. Some individuals who live in big cities don’t own a vehicle and only drive on trips where they rent a car. No matter what your reason is for renting a car, you will be faced with making a decision about purchasing additional car rental insurance. The question which needs answered is what type of rental auto insurance do you need and how much do you need if any?

There are three sources where you can obtain car rental insurance. The first source for your rental auto insurance is your own car insurance policy. Most policies will cover your in whatever vehicle you are driving. If you carry full coverage on your personal vehicle, you probably won’t need an additional car rental insurance policy. Check with your agent to see if your personal policy includes rental auto insurance.

There may be some limitations on your policy with regards to the car rental insurance. If the vehicle you rent is much newer with a higher value or very different from your car like a sports car when you drive a sedan, your policy may not provide rental auto insurance. If you don’t have collision or comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, you will want to have these areas covered on the rental vehicle.

The second source to check with for car rental insurance is your credit card company. Many times, your credit card company will provide rental auto insurance at no extra charge if you use your credit card to pay for the rental car. Find out if the credit card company provides this service. By using your own policy jointly with the credit card company’s policy, you should be able to cover car rental insurance with out purchasing more insurance when you rent the car.

The third resource for rental auto insurance is of course the car rental agency. There are several options they can offer you. First of all, since all states have laws which demand the driver have liability insurance, you will automatically get minimum liability car rental insurance at no extra charge when you rent a vehicle. This is also part of the state auto insurance laws.

A second type of insurance they may offer is personal effects and injury rental auto insurance. This covers your injuries and your passenger’s injuries. You health insurance should be sufficient to cover the injuries if you have it. Personal effects car rental insurance covers your stuff from damages or theft. This portion of the rental auto insurance should be covered under your home owner’s or renter’s insurance. Neither of these car rental insurance protections is necessary on most cases.

Another type of rental auto insurance you can get from the car rental agency is a collision damage waiver. It isn’t exactly an insurance policy because it doesn’t go through an insurance company but it takes the place of collision and comprehensive insurance. For this car rental insurance waiver you pay a little extra for each day you drive the car. In return, the rental agency agrees that they won’t charge you for car damages if your get in a wreck. What makes this different from your personal collision insurance is you won’t be charged for the days the car is in the shop being repaired in the case of a crash and the car is out of service for the rental agency.


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