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Alaska Auto Insurance Requirements

Alaska auto insurance laws, minimum requirements and regulations. We help to find cheap auto insurance in Alaska.

The minimum mandatory auto liability insurance for the state of Alaska requires a driver to carry $50,000.00 for each person injured, $100,000.00 for all injuries or death, and $25,000.00 for property damages. Your license can be suspended if you do not carry the proper mandatory auto liability insurance. If you live in an area where your vehicle does not have to be registered, you are not required to carry the mandatory liability insurance. The exceptions to this rule apply to individuals who have six points or more in traffic violations within the last five years. Insurance is not mandatory for off highway vehicles, or non-registered, non-drivable vehicles.

Areas Excluded From Mandatory Insurance

Adak, Afognak, Akhiok, Akachak, Akiak, Akolmiut, Akulurak, Akutan, Alakanuk, Alatna, Allakaket, Amakdedori, Ambler, Amchitka, Aniak, Annette, Anvik, Arctic Village, Atka, Atkasuk, and Attu

Baranof, Beaver, Bell Island Hot Springs, Belkofski, Belmezok, Bettles, Bettles Field,
Biorka, Birch Creek, Brevig Mission, and Buckland

Candle, Canyon, Cape Pole, Cape Yakataga, Chalkyitsik, Chandalar, Chaniliut, Chakaktolik, Chase, Chatham, Cheching, Chenik, Chefornak, Chernofski, Chavak, Chichagof, Chignik, Chignik Lagoon, Chignik Lake, Chisana, Christian, Chuathbaluk, Clark’s Point, Cold Bay, and Crooked Creek

Deering, and Diomede

Edna Bay, Eek, Egavik, Egegik, Ekuk, Ekwok, Elfin Cove, Elim, Emanguk, Emmonak, English Bay, and Excursion Inlet

False Pass, Flat, Fort Yukon, and Fortuna Lodge

Galena, Gambell, Golovin, Goodnews Bay, Grayling, and Gustavus

Hawk Inlet, Haycock, Holy Cross, Hooper Bay, Hughes, and Huslia

Iditarod, Iguigig, Igushik, Iliamna, and Ivanoff Bay

Kachemak, Kaguyak, Kakhonak, Kaktovik, Kalskagg, Kaltag, Kanatak, Karluk, Kashegelok, Kasigluk, Katalla, Kiana, King Cove, King Island, Kipnuk, Kivalina, Kiwalik, Kobuk, Kokhanok, Kikrines, Kiliganek, Kongiganak, Kotlik, Kotzebue, Koyuk, Koyukuk, Kvichak, Kwethkluk, Kwigillinogok, Kwiguk, and Kwinhagak

Lake Minchumina, Larsen Bay, Latouche, Levelock, Lime Village, Little Diomede, Long, and Lower Kalskag,

Monokatak, Marshall, Mary’s Igloo, McGrath, Medfra, Mekoryuk, Meshik, Metlakatla, Meyoruk, Meyers Chuck, Moses Point, Mt. Village, and Mumtrak

Napaimiut, Napaiskak, Napakiak, Nelson Lagoon, New Stuyanok, Newhalen, Newtok, Nightmute, Nikolai, Nikilski, Noatak, Nolan, Nondalton, Noorvik, Nuiqsut, Nulato, Nunachuak, Nunapitchuk, Nushagak, and Nyac

Old Habor, Ophir, Oscarville, Ouzinkie, and Owl Village

Pavlof Harbor, Pedro Bay, Pelican, Pennock Island, Perryville, Pikmiktalik, Pile Bay, Pilot Point, Pilot Station, Pitka’s Point, Platinum, Point Baker, Point Hope, Point Lay, Poorman, Port Alexander, Port Alsworth, Port Ashton, Port Graham, Port Heiden, Port Lions, Port Moller, and Port Wakefield

Quinhagak, Rampart, Red Devil, Ruby, and Russian Mission

St. George, St. Mary’s, St. Michael, St. Paul, Sanak, Sand Point, Savoonga, Scammon Bay, Selawik, Shageluk, Shaktoolik, Sheldon Point, Shemya, Shismaref, Shungnak, Shungnnak Village, Skwentna, Sleetmute, Snettisham, South Naknek, Squaw Harbor, Stebbines, Stevens Village, Stony River, and Stuyahok

Takotna, Taku Harbor, Tanana, Tanunak, Tatitlek, Tenakee Springs, Tetlin, Tin City, Todd, Togiak, Tokeen, Toksook Bay, Tuluksak, Tuntutuliak, Tununak, Twin Hills, and Tyonek,

Ugashik, Umiat, Unalakleet, Unga, and Venetie

Wainwright, Wales, White Mountain, Wiseman, and Woody Island

You must carry your proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times and it must be provided to authorities upon request. If you cannot or choose not to provide the proof of insurance, your vehicle will be seized and placed in the impound lot at the Municipality of Anchorage. To get your vehicle back, you will need to contact the Anchorage Police Department and follow the procedures they give you.

Your insurance coverage must be current and active while your vehicle is in use on a street, highway or public property. Alaska’s minimum liability auto insurance levels are the highest in the country. This is to attempt to reduce the number of lawsuits by setting limits high enough to cover most of the expenses incurred by accidents. If you are in an accident, you must provide your proof of insurance no matter who is at fault. You may be required to fill out a Certificate of Insurance by the officers investigating the accident.

Those who own newer cars and have a loan on the vehicle will be required to carry full coverage on that vehicle. This is a measure to protect the lender against a loss should your car be severely damaged or totaled. This coverage will protect your vehicle even if you caused the accident. The banker or lending agency will be compensated for the balance of the loan.


The penalties for not having the required insurance can result in a suspended license. This suspension can be for 90 days to one year depending on your driving record over the last five years. Even if you are not responsible for the accident, failure to prove you have insurance will result in a suspended driver license. If you are convicted of an MIL violation, you can be assessed a fine of $500.00 for the first offense. The second offense will result in up to $1,000.00 fine and a license suspension of six months or possibly both. Proof includes a copy of your policy, a certificate of self insurance, or an identification card from your insurance company. You must produce the proof of insurance if the damages are more than $501.00. Insurance companies in Alaska are required to make an offer in writing for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. All auto insurance policies purchased in Alaska must include the mandatory liability coverage. It must also provide that same coverage for rental vehicles as well as providing collision and comprehensive coverage for these vehicles. If you do not carry comprehensive and collision on your own vehicle, your insurance company must give you the option to purchase this coverage on rental vehicles.