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Cheap Kansas auto insurance quotes, companies, laws, minimum requirements. We help to find cheap auto insurance in Kansas.
auto insurance in Kansas

Are you looking for car insurance but are a little scared of how much you’ll pay? We understand. We’re a service that keeps that at heart when we’re determining our car insurance policies. We don’t believe that anyone should have to pay a lot; so we offer something great in auto insurance in Kansas. Our free quote tool is second to none when it comes to supplying some great policies.

Kansas Auto Insurance Law
Under Kansas law, insurance companies may exclude a driver in your household from inclusion on your auto insurance policy. In fact, the auto insurance company may make this request for persons with a poor driving history which pose a higher risk. A college student who lives away from home and does not have access to a vehicle may be excluded, which could potentially impact greatly in your hunt for cheap Kansas auto insurance. If a driver is excluded from the policy, they have no liability coverage but you still have the liability exposure if they drive one of your vehicles and get in an accident.

All exclusions must be either stated in the policy or on an endorsement. Allowing your liability auto insurance to lapse in Kansas is the same as driving without the state minimum insurance requirements. This can result in fines, the loss of your license and possibly the loss of your vehicle’s registration.

Common Practices of Kansas Auto Insurance Companies
The state of Kansas allows insurance companies to check your credit history when they set your premiums and determine whether they will insure you, making up a large percentage of whether or not you’ll receive cheap auto insurance in Kansas. The insurance company will generally use other criteria such as your driving record, age, type of vehicle you drive and the area where you live to determine your premium rates. Kansas is a no fault state which means you can be personally sued for serious injuries caused by traffic accidents and deaths due to an accident.

Kansas Auto Insurance Averages
The average insurance premium in Kansas averages about $579.00 and has the 47th most expensive auto insurance premiums in the nation as of 2006. The lowest premiums available in Kansas are generally offered to a 70 year old female with a clean driving record. A 70 year old married male gets the next best premium rates with a 55 year old married female coming in third. Sixteen year old males have the highest premiums. Dairyland Insurance Company has the highest overall premiums. The lowest overall premium is offered to a 70 year old married woman for $256.00 by Safeco Mutual Insurance Company. The highest overall premium is offered to a 16 year old single male for $4,068.00 by Alliance Indemnity Company.

Lowering Your Premium Further
There are even more things that a person can do if they’re looking for perfectly cheap auto insurance in Kansas. A couple things you can do to reduce your premiums are to maintain a clean driving record and drive a vehicle with a good safety rating. Other things that can affect your insurance are the area where you live and work and the traffic volume in that area.

If you have a teenage driver, it may be less expensive to include them on the family policy. Stress with them the importance of maintaining good grades and a clean driving record as these will help to defray the cost of premiums. Your age, the age of your car as well as its condition and the type of vehicle you drive, your gender, and your marital status will play a factor in the cost, so be mindful of them as you’re looking for cheap auto insurance in Kansas.

Even if you feel as if your rate can’t be much cheaper than it already is, you may be wrong. Our free quote tool is easy to use, so it’s almost a no-brainer to at least give it a shot. We’ve helped many people find cheap Kansas auto insurance policies, and you can be one of them. Try it out – you may end up being shocked!

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Kansas minimum requirements
Bodily Injury Liability Per Person: $25,000.00 Limit
Bodily Injury Liability Per Accident: $50,000.00 Limit
Property Damage Liability Per Accident: $10,000.00 Limit
Uninsured/Underinsured Per Person Liability: $25,000.00 Limit
Uninsured/Underinsured Per Accideint Liability: $50,000.00 Limit
Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Per Person Medical: $4,500.00 Limit
Disability Per Month Per Person: $900.00 Limit
In Home Services Per Day: $25.00 Limit
Burial Expenses: $2,000.00 Limit
Rehabilitation Expenses: $4,500.00 Limit
Survivor Benefits:
Disability Per Month: $900.00 Limit
In Home Services Per Day: $25.00 Limit

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