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Cheap Montana auto insurance quotes, companies, laws, minimum requirements. We help to find cheap auto insurance in Montana.
auto insurance in Montana

Are you looking for affordable car insurance? We’re a service that can bring you the best possible rates using our free quote tool! We’ve helped plenty of people find cheap auto insurance in Montana and we’re pretty good at it! If you’re looking for something better, we’d ask you to give our tool a try. It’s quick, easy and it can save a substantial amount of money!

Montana Auto Insurance Law
The state of Montana is a Tort state. States with tort laws hold individuals responsible for accidents liable for the medical costs and damages caused by that accident. This will include lost wages, suffering, and vehicle repairs. For this reason, insurance companies may encourage you to purchase more than the minimum auto liability insurance required by the state, and even if you do, there’s still the chance to take advantage of cheap auto insurance in Montana. If your vehicle is financed, the bank may require you to carry collision and comprehensive coverage on the vehicle to protect their investment.

Insurance companies in Montana do not have to cover members of your household but their reasons for refusing the coverage must be legal. Even though you do not have to list everyone on the policy, the company may request it. If you do not comply with the company’s request, they can deny the claims on any persons not included on the policy. Any exclusions will be listed in the exclusion section of your policy along with any circumstances which will release the insurance company from responsibility for paying a claim.

In the state of Montana, the insurance company is allowed to check out your personal credit history when offering you insurance and setting your premium rates, a factor that plays a part in determining whether or not you’ll receive cheap Montana auto insurance. They will also look at your driving record, age, gender, marital status, and the area where you live when determining your premium rates. Maintaining a good driving record and paying your bills on time may reduce your premiums.

Montana Auto Insurance Averages
The average insurance premium in Montana was about $661.00 as of 2006. Montana was ranked as having the 37th highest premium average in the United States, making it one of the easier states to obtain cheap auto insurance in Montana. There are 16 state approved insurance companies doing business in the state of Montana.

Also, the type of car that you’re insuring has a large part to play in whether you’ll receive cheap auto insurance in Montana. As such, it will be more expensive to insure a luxury car or a sports car. You should also keep in mind that insurance premiums will be higher on vehicles which are a high priority for thieves. The cars that made the top 10 stolen vehicles in Montana are:

1. 1989 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Pickup (full size)
2. 1984 Ford F150
3. 1991 Honda Accord
4. 1996 Honda Civic
5. 1986 Toyota Pickup
6. 1999 Pontiac Grand Am
7. 1976 Ford Heavy Duty
8. 1993 Ford Explorer
9. 1995 Ford Escort
10. 1993 ford Ranger

In addition to the car that you drive, there are other factors in determining cheap auto insurance in Montana. Things such a clean driving record, the type of vehicle you choose to drive as well as the number of miles you drive per year are common indicators. Also, the fewer miles you put on your vehicle each year, the lower your chances are of being involved in an accident are substantial.

So, if you’re thinking about cheap Montana auto insurance, you’ll need to consider plenty of these things. But, you’ll also need some substantial quotes. Fortunately enough, we’re a service that can bring them to you free of charge using our quote tool. If you’re looking to save possibly hundreds or thousands a year, we’re one to depend upon. Give us a try today!

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Montana minimum requirements
Bodily Injury Liability Per Person: $25,000.00 Limit
Bodily Injury Liability Per Accident: $50,000.00 Limit
Property Damage Per Accident: $10,000.00 Limit

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