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Cheap auto insurance for teenagers in Arizona

Cheap teen auto insurance in Arizona. Arizona auto insurance laws and regulations for teenagers. Cheap car insurance for young drivers in Arizona.

Arizona Teen Insurance Laws

In the state of Arizona, your teenage son or daughter must comply with the mandatory minimum liability auto insurance laws. This insurance requires $15,000.00 personal injury or death coverage per person, $30,000.00 personal injury or death coverage for two or more people, and $10,000.00 of property damage. Furthermore, because the risk of an accident is higher with teens, your insurance company is likely to recommend that you carry higher levels of liability insurance as well as carrying collision and comprehensive insurance.

Adding a teenager to your insurance coverage will raise your annual premiums. It could go up in an amount from $1,200.00 to $4,900.00 per year. The average increase for adding a teen to your insurance in Arizona is about $2,171.00 per year. You can reduce the pain of adding a teen by encouraging them to maintain a “B” grade point average and enrolling them in a state approved driving safety course which they must complete successfully. Another method of reducing your premiums is based on the car they drive. Do not put your teen behind the wheel of a sport car or a luxury car.

As your teen gets closer to graduation, he or she may be looking at their options for the future. The question is how do their future plans affect their auto insurance coverage? If your child is currently included on your insurance policy and they choose not to go to college, they can remain on your auto insurance policy no matter how long they remain at home. If your teen chooses to go to college and move out, you will need to contact your insurance agent. Whether they are a full time student or not, your insurance may no longer cover them if they do not reside in your home. You will need to check on coverage for non-household members and ask about the specifics of your insurance company’s policies.

The penalties for not having proof of the mandatory liability auto insurance limits for your teen are the same as they are for you. The proof needs to be with them at all times. Even if they are not at fault, they must have the proof of insurance to show law enforcement officials. The penalties for not carrying current minimum liability auto insurance include fines, loss of your driver’s license and registration and loss of your vehicle plates. The first offense is a $500.00 fine, a suspended driver’s license, suspended registration, and the loss of the license plates of the vehicle for three months. The second offense within 36 months is $750.00 fine, a six month registration, and driver’s license suspension as well as the loss of the vehicle’s plates. The third violation within 36 months will result in $1,000.00 fine and the loss of your license, registration, and plates for one year. In order to get your plates, vehicle registration, and driver’s license back, you will have to pay fees and provide proof of financial responsibility to the Motor Vehicle Division. This generally requires an expensive SR-22 form from an auto insurance company. You will have to pay reinstatement fees to the state and continue to pay the SR-22 for three years.